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Journaling is a process of research, careful observation, and writing what you see, experience, or learn. It a powerful tool for learning and can be used as a reference later. I encourage three types of journals. The first is an Observation Journal. This maps your sit spot or observation spot and keeps records of your experiences and interaction with nature. The more you learn about your area, the more detailed the maps and observations become. The next is a Naturalist Journal. This journal records your research and focused learning. You might be journaling a new species on your list, or have noticed a new plant, tree, or bird in your area, researched it and followed up with a journal. The third journal is the Tracking Journal. The Tracking Journal will help you record and focus your tracking experience. Mapping is an important step in understanding how things in nature are connected and interact. Drawing maps will also help you learn to do mental mapping when tracking a subject through the wilderness or urban environment.

If you want to be good a tracking…Journal !

Naturalist Journal

Observation Journal

Tracking Journal

Tracking Journal 2


The following charts you can download and take with you in the field to use as cheat sheets. They will help you ID tracks, scat and Gaits, as well as take measurements.

Measurement Chart

ID Chart

Gait Chart

Dog vs Coyote

Scat Chart

Bird Insect Chart